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ACTOK generation is the first-ever instance of a microencapsulation approach implemented withinside the area of hearthplace extinguishing. AСTOK generation is straightforward for information and progressive with the aid of using essence. 

A tool of any shape and length made with the aid of using this generation can continue to be for decades in “standby mode” and routinely extinguish the hearthplace in an area wherein it occurs, without letting it grow to be a hearthplace. 

Today diverse composite substances have been created with the aid of using AСTOK generation able to suppress hearthplace. The shape of such substances consists of microcapsules with hearthplace retardant agents – Freon –limited within. 

When heated to a pre-set temperature shell of the pill bursts discharging Freon. When Freon is in touch with an open hearthplace or moldering surface, Freon binds and displaces oxygen, unexpectedly cools the region of burning, and therefore speedy and efficiently extinguishes the inflammation.


  • The standalone device, no detection, actuation, and garage and delivery device needed. 
  • Prevents hearthplace from escaping from the protected/enclosed area.
  • Non-ozone depleting.
  • Tested and authorized for the usage of Class A2, B, C & E form of Fires. 
  • No greater area required as it’s far mounted withinside the gadget itself. 
  • No Electrical or Mechanical connections required. 
  • These merchandises are the best hearthplace retardant solution, which may be equipped with inside the tiniest electric plug factor to any panelboard, distribution board, server racks, and cable layouts.

This generation as in opposition to the conventional strategies of firefighting curtails the hearthplace proper on the supply thereby now no longer permitting it to surge, further, it does now no longer permit the hearthplace to appear once more with inside the span of the subsequent 15-20 min till the fuel line stays with inside the enclosed environment.