Air Caster Transportation

Our shape of transportation is the best answer for transferring mild to very heavy items in a safe, ergonomic, and cost-powerful way. It is likewise best for touchy and consequently frequently highly-priced items due to the fact air casters create no vibration throughout transferring. 

Air casters are being utilized in all varieties of industries and packages worldwide. Both preferred and custom-made.

The structures are generally used for the inner motion of items starting from one hundred kgs to over 2.500 metric tons. The air casters exist of a bendy rubber membrane that is fed through compressed air operatingfrom1 to four bars. 

A managed leakage of the compressed air creates a skinny air movie among the ground and the air caster. 

The air caster can now waft some tenths of a millimeter above the ground with truly no friction which makes it viable to transport heavy masses and items with tremendously low pressure.

Main benefit air caster transportation:

  • Ergonomic; much less attempt required to transport loads.
  • The simplest exhaust fuel online is compressed air.
  • No ground harm and really low ground load.
  • Suitable for terribly heavy loads.
  • Virtually friction-loose, clean movement.
  • Low to no maintenance.
  • Very correct positioning.
  • Vibration-loose movement.
  • No high-priced cranes or gantries needed.
  • Compact, light, and effective design.


Air Casters are likewise frequently called Air Cushions, Air Skates, or even air Bearings.

They can be mounted forever underneath explicit hardware or devices or utilized as a particular air caster framework. 

Air casters are pneumatic components that can be put underneath an item or edge, permitting nearly contact-free development and situating in every single level heading. Aerofilm Systems creates the A-, B-and NC-type each with their particular preferences that are depicted underneath. 

Likewise underneath you will find that water casters are accessible which use water as their working medium rather than air.

  • ACTOK PYROSTICKER (P) is effective for liquidation of fires of sophistication A, B, C & E and is
  • supposed for the safety of electrical sockets.
  • Does now no longer require servicing.
  • To be used to guard towards irritation of any small-sized electric powered devices, such as
  • electric powered sockets, switches, junction bins, closed factors of lighting fixtures, relay cases,
  • electric powered motor connection bins etc. 
  • Method of mounting gluing horizontally over an ability supply of ignition.
  • ACTOK PYROSTICKER product line consists of fashions P, 15, 25, 45, 60.
  • Actok Pyrocord is a progressive self-contained stand –on my own hearthplace extinguishing tool designed
  • with software withinside the shape of a cord,
  • It has the equal characteristic of self-activating hearthplace extinguisher, with thermally activated gas
  • discharging hearthplace retardant agent to offer hearthplace safety for electric device limited in
  • nearby spaces.
  • Supplied withinside the duration of meters, 1 meter covers the vicinity of approx. 50 Litres (.. to approx.)
  • 2 hundred Litres if designed intelligently).
  • Extinguishes irritation assets at early ranges of hearthplace, prevents distribution of hearthplace beyond
  • limits of a blanketed area.
  • Excludes repeated ignition withinside the blanketed area for as much as 30 minutes, way to the impact of
  • phlegmatization.
  • Discharges the hearthplace retardant agent without delay into the irritation area, without growing 
  • the attention of dangerous materials withinside the air outside of the blanketed area.
  • Fabricate HEIGHT 25 mm 
  • AIR CASTER DIAMETER min.200mm/max.900mm 
  • LIFT min. 5 mm/max. 32mm 
  • Limit min.50kg/max.12.000kg 
  • per piece 
  • Pneumatic stress min. 1 bar/max. 2 bar 
  • Sans wear. 
  • Most minimal coefficient of friction(COF)0,001of 
  • the weight. 
  • Most reasonable for 24/7 use. 
  • Outfitted with a tape framework the air caster 
  • can be changed without lifting the carrier 
  • In stock thing.


Lift pads can be utilized for a wide scope of purposes and the points of interest are tremendous in contrast with chambers. The lift pads can be utilized on a level plane and vertically positioned to lift, push, spread, and fix various articles. 

LiftCastersarehermeticallysealedcushions made of elastic with an air coupling to associate compacted air. They can equally move a lot of power. This generally basic innovation implies that the lift caster is very reliable. There Are 2 Types, the AS-and HD-type.


The NC-Type, additionally called Gapmasters, has numerous littler openings to partition the air outlet over a greater surface. On account of this guideline, they can defeat little holes in your floor.


Both the-and B-sort of air casters can be provided as water casters where the medium is changed from air into water. The standard continues as before. 

The medium utilization from water casters is generally5%ofthe measure of air you would require.


Explicit coatings and insurance layers can be applied to demands for cruel conditions. Likewise, various kinds of lodgings can be conveyed to meet explicit necessities e.g.the food or the drug business. 

Preferences of lift pads: 

  • Lift pads are practical 
  • Lightweight And Easy To Handle 
  • They have a low development profile 
  • Long life expectancy 
  • Easy to gather 
  • Can move a lot of power 
  • No grease required

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The AS-type is a lift pad produced using round elastic tubing material. The distance across and length decide the power it can produce. These lift pads are regularly forever fixed in a machine as an OEM part. 

Explicit properties: 

  • Manufacture HEIGHT min. 14 mm/max. 16 mm 
  • WIDTH min. 65 mm/max. 245 mm 
  • LIFT min. 25 mm/max. 140 mm 
  • Limit min.50kg/max.13.000kgpermeter 
  • Pneumatic stress max. 8 bar

Normal applications: 

  • As actuators in stuff taking care of frameworks 
  • As actuator in various types of presses 
  • To lift hefty burdens with minimal accessible space underneath 
  • Integrated Into Material Handling Systems To Lift,  lock or move the items

Permanently Installed Air Caster System

Modular Air Caster System

Air Caster Beams

Air Caster Transport Platforms

Air Caster Roll Transporters

Air Caster Mobile Cranes

Air/Water Caster Turntables

Air Powered Drives

Custom Made Engineered Solutions

Because Aerofilm Systems is solely specialized in air caster transport solutions we are always open for new applications. Both our engineering team and our customers continuously come up with new applications using air caster solutions.
Our design team makes use of the newest and best available in 3D design software, Siemens NX, to design projects from sketch to fully detailed production drawings.
All necessary analyses are created in software before implementing the projects. All air caster transport systems are designed digitally in 3D first to make sure that we provide our customers with the right solution

Floor & Compressed Air

In order to guarantee that the air casters function properly, there are just two requirements: adequate air supply and a suitable floor. Floor The right kind of floor for air caster movement is characterized as being airtight, smooth, and flat. A suitable floor can(temporarily) be improved to enable the air caster transport system to float. This can be done, for example,
with metal or plastic sheets. Less suitable floors cause higher air to see, friction, and wear. The ideal floor is mechanically power trowelled to a smooth, even finish. Any joints can be filled using a suitable silicone product. If the floor is not level and you are handling heavy loads there is a risk that the object will drift. Thiscancausedangeroussituationsif you don’t take the right precautions. When you have a reasonably level floor you
can make use of internal or external power drives to control and brake the load. We would recommend using power drives on loads above
4 tons to be safe. Below you can find an indication of the applicability of different types of floors. Where 1istheoptimumforaircastertransportation
and 10 is unsuitable.


The basic principle of air caster transportation is that a thin air film is created between the air caster and the floor. To achieve this, you need to
have sufficient air pressure and flow available at all times. The air needs to be dry and clean. Gaugeshavebeenmountedonalmostall installations in order to control this supply. Insufficient air supply results in higher friction,
more wear, and even failure to function.

Aerofilm Systems

AerofilmSystems’activityintheaircaster transportationfieldbeganmorethan30
yearsagowiththeengineeringcompany `Ingenieurs-bureau vanBrienen`. Since 1984 all air caster related activities have been transferred to Aerofilm Systems B.V. Because air caster transportation is the company’s sole business we have become experts in this field. Weare working with a
very competent team of designers, engineers and production specialists. The air caster systems are designed in-house and also produced entirely in our 1.500m2 production facility in Eindhoven. Aerofilm Systems is represented in the USA,UK and Germany with its three sister companies Aerofilm Systems Inc., Aerofilm SystemsUKLtd.andLS LuftkissenSysteme
GmbH.Thankstoanextensivenetworkof distributors,the restofthe countries are coveredandsalesadviceandserviceisalways nearby. Aerofilm Systems is the only company that produces both the Neoprene and Polyurethane
air casterssowe canprovideyouwiththebest advice for your   ansportationapplication. Please visit our website for more information
or callus withyour internaltransportation application.