Air Caster Beams

Many industries deal with heavy equipment or objects that frequently need to be moved and have little space available underneath them. Because of the extremely low build height of a minimum of 25 mm they are ideal to(lift) and move different sizes of objects that can be picked up from underneath. A minimum of two beams can be used to transport different kinds of loads, more beams can be applied to handle larger loads or more complex shapes. Air caster beams are rectangular-shaped transport devices that contain a minimum of two air casters. The width is usually determined by the diameter of the air caster used, the length often varies. The beams can be equipped with wheels for unloaded movement. Optional lift cushions can be added to enable the beams to lift higher in order to pick up the load. Quite similar to a pallet truck. The air regulators can be installed within the beams or placed into an external cabinet for fine-tuning the air casters and activating the lift cushions.

BUILD HEIGHT min.25mm/max.unlimited
WIDTH min. 200 mm / 1.250 mm
LENGTH min. 450 mm / max. unlimited
LIFT min. 5 mm / max. 500 mm
CAPACITY min.50kg/max.unlimited
AIR PRESSURE min. 1 bar/max. 4 bar

  • Low building height to easily pick up and transport objects
    The system can both lift and transport the object
  • Plug and play
  • Can be applied for different types and shapes of objects
  • No harmful exhaust gasses, just regular compressed air
  • Small footprint so easy to store after usage
  • Pickup standard or customer-specific pallet or frames
  • Move seating modules in sports arenas or theatres
  • Place and position heavy parts insight spaces for assembly on big ships
  • A position move heavy machinery inside the factory