Air Caster Mobile Cranes

When loads need to be lifted up high or to be stacked onto each other air caster mobile cranes are the ideal solution. Because these cranes operate on air casters they are not restricted to rails and have complete free horizontal movement. In this case, transportation is possible for the Y and Z position. The low vibration characteristics of the air, casters mean that mobile cranes can transport the objects more steadily than gantry cranes on rails.

The air caster mobile cranes can be equipped with:

• Power-driven wheels; to automate the movement of the vehicle
• Remote controls; to control the movement from a distance
• On-board air supply; to make the vehicle self sufficient

• No expensive structural changes needed to the building
• Small footprint of the crane
• Complete freedom of movement and accurate positioning to the millimeter
• Heavy objects can be operated by one single person
• Plug and play
• No harmful exhaust gasses, just regular compressed air
• High reliability
• Customisationpossibletofullymeettherequirements

  • Move fragile lenses to the production station
  • Use air caster gantry cranes to position objects in all directions X, Y, and Z into a cleanroom