Air Powered Drives

The movement on air casters can be compared to the movement to nice. It can take some force to overcome the initial inertia to start heavy objects moving, but once they are on the move controlling and stopping them also requires some power.

The rule of thumb with air caster transportation is that above 4 tons of weight we recommend having a number of people available to control the load safely, or you can make use of external or internal power drives. The internal drives can be built into a system as an option.

External power drives can be connected temporarily to move the objects and then stored again after use. The attachable air power drive consists of a pneumatic drive motor, a pneumatic actuator to connect the coupling, and a control bar to control the speed and actuator.

We also have power drives available that can be connected and then controlled remotely. There is a standard type of external power drive available, modifications can be made on request.

  • Very ergonomically because no manpower needed
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Heavy objects can be operated by one single person
  • The only exhaust gas is compressed air
  • Customisation possible to fully meet the requirements
  • Connect standard external drives to safely and ergonomically move transportation platforms
  • Connect drives to enable remote control of transportation platforms.
  • Use internal powered drives to control the platform in a safe and controlled way