Permanently Installed Air Caster System

This system is permanently installed underneath the object itself or its support frame to create a fixed air caster transport solution. These systems are mainly chosen for frequent usage in production processes.

An embedded air caster system is a package that consists of just the air casters and an air regulator. In order to guarantee maximum stability, at least three (but preferably four)air casters should be placed under the load. The air the regulator ensures that the compressed air is correctly divided amongst all different air casters to compensate for the weight above and move the load.

For objects weighing more than 4 tons, we recommend using external drives to control the load properly and safely. These can be found in this brochure under the section External drives.

The system can be made with either A-or B-Typeair casters in all different sizes with matching air regulators that fit the total air consumption.

Depending on the weight that needs to be transported, the size, number of air casters, and the regulator is chosen. The embedded air caster system is a very safe and cost-effective solution to optimize your production process.

BUILD HEIGHT min. 10 mm / max. 28 mm
AIR CASTER DIAMETER min. 200 mm / max. 1.250 mm
LIFT min. 5 mm / max. 70 mm
CAPACITY min.150 kg/ max. unlimited
AIR PRESSURE min. 1 bar/max. 4 bar

  • Takes very little space underneath your object
  • The object can be permanently moved because the air casters are embedded in the design
  • Ideal OEM solution
  • No harmful exhaust gasses, just regular compressed air In-stock item
  • To exchange high-tech modules with integrated air casters for servicing purposes
  • Accurately position fixture systems with products to the measurement location
  • Move products between production stations
  • Move fragile, high-voltage test equipment to the testing area
  • Replace wheels one-on-one by air casters
  • Move stock shelves/ systems around the factory
  • Make seating modules mobile with integrated air casters for use in sporting/concert arenas
  • Enable retractable seating units to be moved effortlessly in theatres, sports halls, and stadiums
  • Embed the air casters into a sub-frame or platform
  • Integrate the embedded air caster system to make your
    production line more flexible